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Heat-shrinkable moulded parts, boots and transitions

Moulded parts are designed to provide rugged mechanical and environmental protections to wire and cable harnesses. Molded parts are available in different materials and different adhésive coatings. The versions with adhesive coating form a seal and protect cables and equipment from corrosion and mechanical abuse while providing excellent electrical insulating properties. Endcaps provides optimum waterproofing and encironmental protection for underground, underwater and outdoor applications. Endcaps are highly resistant to moisture, fungus and wathering. Heat shrinkable boots and transitions replace tapes, mold-in-place epoxies and grease. Transition moulded parts can be used for cable breakouts, transitions, and terminations. TE Connectivity (Raychem) moulded parts always meet the performance characteristics you require. Please check out our big range of different sizes and types.


Endcaps Moulded Parts 102L Raytronics AG

Heat-shrinkable end caps

End Caps provides optimum waterprooving and environmental protection for underwater, underground, or outdoor applications. These End Caps are highly resistant to moisture, fungus, and weathering. These heat shrinkable end caps provides a reliable method of sealing power cables, pipes, conduit and other cylindrical objects agains corrosion and moisture penetration.


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