Raytronics AG, your specialist for heat shrinking products, wires and cables

Since more than 20 years, Raytronics AG is the specialist for heat shrink products, wires, cables, connectors and cable components. We are focused on meeting customer requirements through the provision of field engineering support, market business managers and coordinators along with specialised technical support.


Products of Raytronics AG


Heat shrink tubes

The heat shrink tubes of Raytronics AG provides mechanical protection, electrical insulation, strain relief and environmental sealing. The heat shrink tubes are available with adhesive or without adhesive. The heat shrinking tubes  can be delivered in many different colours or sizes. No matter if you are looking for heat shrink tubes made from polyolefin, teflon, elastomer, kynar, fluoropolymer, FEP, PTFE, TFE, silicone, viton or halogen free polyolefin, Raytronics AG is your specialist with a broad know how and with many years of experience. Our heat shrink tubes are available on stock with different appovals like UL, EN-45545, MIL, USP Class, CSA and VG. There are tubes for industrial, medical, railway, military, space and navy applications.

Heat shrink tubes Raytronics AG




Moulded parts

Moulded parts or heat shrinkable boots completes the bridge between sealed cable assemblies and connectors. These molded shapes are available with adhesive or without adhesive. The heat shrink boots with adhesive form a watertight seal, helping protect cables from corrosion and mechanical abuse while providing excellent electrical insulation properties. Our Moulded parts are available in many different shapes. On request, the heat shrink boots are available with injection and vent ports. Normally the moulded parts are made of polyolefin. Ours are also available in viton, elastomer or halogen free material. Many of these heat shrink boots are available at Raytronics AG immediately on stock.

Moulded parts Raytronics AG




Solder sleeves

Solder sleeve splicing devices can be used to make sealed or unseald splices. In one single step, they insulate, solder, encapsulate and strain-relieve a wide range of wire sizes. DuraSeal heat shrink nylon crimp splices are very easy to use in factory or repair applications. The watertight sealing and superior protection against corrosion, abrasion and vibration are only a few advantages of DuraSeal crimp splices. SolderGrip splices are closed-end connectors utilizing a spiral copper coil that grips and compresses the conductors, resulting in a high-reliability, repeatable solder joint. Raytronics AG is a spezialist for solder devices with a big stock of many different types and sizes.

Solder Sleeves and Solder Crimp Devices Raytronics AG




Braided Sleeves and Protecting Tubes

Braided sleeves are available in different styles. The EXPANDO lines are a tube-like construction with monofilaments what allows to expand the braided sleeve. The ROUNDIT lines are wrap-around sleeves. These self-wrapping protection sleeves can be installed and removed without manipulation of connectors or fittings. Raytronics AG has sleeves for bundeling of cables and wires, for mechanical protection agains abraison, for thermal insulation and fire protection and for electrical insulation as well as for EMI shielding. Raytronics AG has one of the biggest stocks of different braided sleeves and protecting tubes in Europe.

Braided sleeves and protection tubes




Identification Heat Shrink Sleeves

The heat-shrinkable cable identification marker sleeves are available in a wide variaty of configurations, colors and sizes. At Raytronics AG you can find printable heat shrinking identification sleeves for industrial, rail, military, space, aviation, medical and many more applications. There are identification markers that complies with EN45545-2, UL and MIL, AMS-DTL. Some are free of halogen, diesel resistant, UV-resistant, low-fire hazard, fluid resistant, high temperature and commercial use. The identification heat shrink sleeves can be printed by thermal transfer printers. Raytronics AG has one of the biggest stocks of many different heat shrinkable identification sleeves and markers.

Identification heat shrink sleeves and identification markers






Our service include

  • Dedicated technical sales engineers
  • Dedicated internal sales
  • Full technical support
  • Large warehouse , short delivery time
  • Flexible MOQ’s and pack sizes
  • samples


Value added services

  • Kitting
  • Cut pieces – heath-shrink-tubing
  • Print service - heath-shrink-tubing


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Authorised strategic distributor for TE Connectivity – Raychem – Tyco electronics


Raytronics AG
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Raytronics AG
Bösch 37
6331 Hünenberg


+41 41 768 65 75
+41 41 768 65 80
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