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Heat shrink tubing were developed when Raychem's scientists pioneered the application of radiation crosslinking and the development of heat-shrinkable polymer products. Today the heat shrinking tubes of TE Connectivity (Tyco / Raychem) are recognized worldwide for its high quality and wide range of applications. Raytronics AG offers you tubes made of polyolefins, fluoropolymers and elastomers enhanced by radiation crosslinking and heat-shrinkability. When heated during installation, our tubings shrinks to conform to virtually any shape. They provide dependable insulation, mechanical protection, and strain relief, as well as aesthetic appeal.

You can choose from tubings that are highly flexible or semi rigid, designed for operation in high- or low- temperature environments, and halogen-free and flame-retardant to meet a range of industry standards. Available in many sizes, constructions, lengths, and colours to meet both commercial and military specifications, our tubings can also be customized for special applications.

Installation is fast and easy with handheld heating tools or bench-mounted heaters.

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All heat shrink tubes without adhesive

All heat shrink tubes of Raytronics AG

Raytronics AG offers you the world's biggest range of heat shrink tubes. Please find below all available heat shrink tubes without adhesive assorted by name. For standard industrial applications please choose between the general purpose polyolefin heat shrinkable tubes CGPT or RNF. For military applications please check out the diesel resistant and high temperature heat shrinkable tube DR-25 made of elastomer or the high temperature and chemical resistant VITON tube RW-200 for temperatures up to +200°C. For sensor manufacturers we offer heat shrinkable tubes made of Teflon like KYNAR, TFE and TFE-R with high temperature and outstanding chemical resistance. Rail applications has their own requirements. Please find the halogen free rail heat shrink tubes with the names ZH-100, ZH-150 and ZHTM. If you need a tube with very thin walls please choose between the polyolefin heat shrinkable tube RNF-150 or the PTFE ultra-thin tubing. For grounding applications you need a yellow-green dual colour heat shrinkable tube like our DCPT. Outdoor applications needs a good UV-resistance. RT-375 is a high-clarity heat shrinkable tube with a very good resistance to ultraviolet radiation. RP-4800 is the tube with the biggest available heat shrink ratio perfectly suitable for repairing. Heat shrinkable tubes for medical applications with USP Class approval has its own category. For a better overview please check out the grading by material, shrink ratio, temperature or approvals.

As you can see, heat shrinkable tubes are very versatile. Every application has its own tube. Please don't hesitate to contact the specialists at Raytronics AG. We are here to help you.

Heat shrink tubes by material

Heat shrink tubes ordered by material

Heat shrinkable tubes are available in many different materials. Please choose below between heat shrink tubes made of polyolefin, halogen free polyolefin, elastomer, fluoropolymer (Kynar), FEP, PTFE and TFE (Teflon), silicone and viton. Every material has its own properties. Polyolefin heat shrink tubes are often used for general purpose applications. They are available in many different colours. For rail application there are halogen free polyolefin tube available. Flexible and diesel resistant tubes are made of elastomer. UV-resistant and thin walled heat shrink tubes are often made of fluoropolymer. Heat shrink tubes made of FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) can be used for temperatures up to +200°C. Teflon (PTFE and TFE) heat shrinkable tubes combines properties like high temperature, thin wall and chemical resistance. Silicone heat shrink tubes are extremely flexible. For outstanding fluid and temperature resistance we recommend the heat shrink tubes made of Viton.

Heat shrink tubes by shrink ratio

Heat shrink tubes ordered by shrink ratio

Heat shrinkable tubes are available in different shrinking ratios. A shrinking ratio of 3 to 1 means that the tube is delivered three times bigger than he is after complete shrinking.

Heat shrink tubes by temperature

Heat shrink tubes ordered by operating temperature

Depending on the operating temperature of you application, you need a heat shrink tube that withstands the needed temperature. Please choose between heat shrink tubes with operating temperatures up to from +105°C up to +260°C. The more temperature the heat shrinkable tube can resist, the more temperature you need to shrink.

Heat shrink tubes by approvals

Heat shrink tubes ordered by approvals

Depending on the application or where you deliver your product, the tubes needs a specific approval. For exportation to USA you need a UL recognised heat shrinkable tube. For Canada a CSA recognised tube. Heat shrink tubes for military applications are available with MIL or AMS-DTL. Rail applications need heat shrink tubes that complies with EN-45545 and medical application tubes made of USP Class approved material.

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