Heat shrink sleeves, TMS-CT, military grade continuous tube

Heat shrink sleeves, TMS-CT, military grade continuous tube
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19 August 2020

EN-45545-2 // Temp: -55°C to +135°C, printable MIL and UL approved tube



Identification heat shrink sleeves TMS CT continuous tube Raytronics AG

TMS-CT heat shrink tube is manufactured using a special radiation cross-linked material to provide mechanical protection and easy identification to wires and cables for military applications. This light weight heat shrink tube is often used for military, aerospace, industrial and energy applications. Cut in length the printable heat shrink tube TMS-CT can be used as heat shrink sleeves for identification of cables and wires.


Product facts of identification sleeves TMS-CT


  • Self-extinguishing, non-flame propagating
  • Resistant to key military and aerospace fluids
  • Can be laser marked
  • Military grade performance
  • Printable with thermal transfer printers
  • Open profile for easier use


Specifications and approvals of identification sleeves TMS-CT


  • EN45545-2, R24
    Operating range -55°C to +135°C
    Recommended ribbon TMS-RJS-RIBBON-4RPSCE
  • NFPA 130
  • SAE-AMS-23053/5 class 1
  • CSA 31929
  • UL E35586



Dimensions in MM

Part Number Inside diameter  Inside diameter Spool Colour
  As supplied After heating In meter  
TMS-CT-50-3/32-OUT-4 2.4 0.8 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-1/8-OUT-4 3.2 1.1 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-3/16-OUT-4 4.8 1.6 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-1/4-OUT-4 6.4 2.1 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-3/8-OUT-4 9.5 3.2 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-1/2-OUT-4 12.7 4.2 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-3/4-OUT-4 19.1 6.4 50 Yellow
TMS-CT-50-3/32-OUT-9 2.4 0.8 50 White
TMS-CT-50-1/8-OUT-9 3.2 1.1 50 White
TMS-CT-50-3/16-OUT-9 4.8 1.6 50 White
TMS-CT-50-1/4-OUT-9 6.4 2.1 50 White
TMS-CT-50-3/8-OUT-9 9.5 3.2 50 White
TMS-CT-50-1/2-OUT-9 12.7 4.2 50 White
TMS-CT-50-3/4-OUT-9 19.1 6.4 50 White

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